Sacred Hearts Schools zoom meetings

Maria Vittoria Cesareo |

We always talk about Sacred Heart schools as a big family

And since families stick together, even in the most difficult situations, that is what we are doing.

This situation made impossible for us to travel and take part on international exchanges, but this didn’t stop us from connecting. Once a week, people from the Sacred Hearts of Italy, USA, Germany, France, Mexico and Spain reunite on zoom to talk.

Even if we live in many places across the world

With different time zones, when we have to meet, we stop whatever else we are doing, doesn’t matter if it is the middle of our day or if it is dinner time. Time stops and we are all together in the same place.

During the meetings

We share stories and teach recipes to each other, for example this week we saw some students making crêpes, other making guacamole, tacos, gazpacho and so much more, everything live, while we talk.

We talk about our schools; we see what they have in common and what are the differences. We give each other advices on tv shows to watch and discuss over which actors we like the most. We talk about music and we also made a playlist together with songs from all our countries, to get to know each other’s culture better.

But most important, we built friendships

that last also after the meetings. We really got along to the point of creating group chats on Instagram, snapchat and WhatsApp where we chat and make videocalls all the time.

When I first signed for this virtual exchange

I was a bit sceptical, but I am glad I did it because, even by staying in my room, I got to do an amazing experience that I won’t forget.


Maria Vittoria CESAREO