Sofia Barilari |

Cycling tour event

I arrived in Adelaide, Australia on the 4th of January. I go there every year because my parents work at a cycling World Tour event, Santos Tour Down Under. My father is the Team Manager of a World Tour cycling team, ORICA-SCOTT. My mother is the European Coordinator of the event.

During my journey I watched the race, I went to the beach and I walked around the city. A rider from my father’s team, Caleb Ewan, won five stages of the race. My dad was very happy.





A beautiful city to enjoy

Adelaide is a very nice and quiet city. Only one million people live there. You can find in Adelaide that the sea, the hills and the countryside are all in an area within 10 km from the city. The desert is 200 km north of Adelaide.

While I was there I went to watch a cricket match, cricket is a typical sport played in Commonwealth Countries. I enjoyed watching it with my father, who explained to me all the rules. I also had the opportunity like every year to hold some of the typical Australian animals such as a baby kangaroo and a long snake. We came back to Rome on the 27th of January.