Santa Claus in the hospital

Giulia Marino |

What “Santa Claus in the hospital” is?

How do you usually spend your Christmas Eve?  Maybe you have the traditional  dinner with your family or with your friends. But some children and their parents spend Christmas in hospitals. Even though not everyone have really bad diseases but they sure are not spending the best christmas they could have imagined. Giving them a little joy is the aim that, every year, inspire a group of people in our school to organise a visit to this children dressed up as Santa Claus. They gave them presents and wished them a Merry Christmas.

What did we do?

Some of us took part in this visit. The first thing that really surprised me was how many people decided to join this initiative, actually i think there were far more people to give presents than children to receive it. We went around the hospital and some “Santas” had brought some instruments and they started singing christmas songs in the rooms. The children laughed and smiled when they saw the Santas entering the room. It was very touching seeing all this children so happy only because someone gave them a little toy and said “Happy Christmas”.  but as it is often said:

“Small things makes big differences”